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“Winnie really took her time with my client explaining every document before she signed to make sure was comfortable with the process. I would gladly refer her to anyone that needs her services!!!” – Cody Ficklen

Fingerprinting Service 

At My Notary Lady, we take the security and reliability of fingerprinting services seriously. We employ Ink Roll Finger Printing, a state-of-the-art biometric identification method, to ensure accurate and trustworthy identification.

Ink Roll Finger Printing is a specialized process that captures the unique patterns of an individual’s fingerprints. It involves rolling each finger across an ink pad and then onto a fingerprint card, creating clear and detailed impressions. These fingerprint cards serve as a secure record of an individual’s identity and are an essential tool for verifying their identity in the future.

By incorporating Ink Roll Finger Printing into our notary services, we enhance the authentication process for your needs. It helps prevent fraudulent activities, and identity theft and ensures that the person seeking identification is, indeed, who they claim to be. This added layer of security instills confidence and promotes a sense of trust and transparency to meet your requirements.

Our experienced team has undergone rigorous training to handle the Ink Roll Finger Printing process efficiently and respectfully. We understand the sensitive nature of collecting biometric data and prioritize client privacy and confidentiality at all times.

When you choose My Notary Lady for your ink roll fingerprinting needs, you can rest assured that your confidential information is in safe hands. Our commitment to using Ink Roll Finger Printing showcases our dedication to accuracy and uncompromising security, ensuring your peace of mind during every step of the process.

A Notary When You Need One!

You never really need a notary until you actually need one, and then the question becomes; “Where did I see that Notary Public sign?”  Especially in these uncertain times, a mobile notary can keep you safe by coming to you in the convenience of your home or office.  We practice Covid-19 safety practices by wearing a mask or face covering when entering your  environment and we ask for your cooperation in doing the same.

What a Louisiana Notary Public Can Do for You

All notaries public can do basic acknowledgments, witness signatures and perform vehicle transfers.  The Louisiana Notary is a Civil Law Notary who can also draft & execute various legal documents.  These include cash sales, power of attorney, donations, prepare affidavits, and more.

In the best of times and the worst of times, when important life matters are at hand a Louisiana Notary can be your best friend.

Reach Out To Us Today

We’d love to hear from you!

“Nouvelle was great to close with. She was so kind and so professional. She took her time to explain all the of the documents my client was signing and was very knowledgeable throughout the entire process. I would highly recommend her to anyone in the Lafayette Louisiana area looking for a professional Notary! Thank you so much Nouvelle!” – Drake Abshire

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