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Apostille Services

If you need an Apostille in Lafayette, Louisiana. Look no further!!  CALL US TODAY!!

Many people don’t know what an apostille is until they need one.  Then the process is often confusing and the documents that go through the apostille process must meet a very specific set of criteria that changes depending upon the country where the document is going to be used.

We simplify the process because we know the entire process for getting your documents accepted by any of the 50 Secretary of State offices, not only Louisiana.


Expedited Facilitation Availble!!

For documents needing Apostilled at the Louisiana Secretary of State:

  • We can pick up your documents in the city of Lafayette or you can schedule an office appointment.
  • We can notarize your documents.
  • If required, we will send your documents to the proper state to be apostilled.
  • Mobile Notary & Copy Certification services available.
  • Domestic and International shipping available.












A Notary When You Need One!

You never really need a notary until you actually need one, and then the question becomes; “Where did I see that Notary Public sign?”  Especially in these uncertain times, a mobile notary can keep you safe by coming to you in the convenience of your home or office.  We practice Covid-19 safety practices by wearing a mask or face covering when entering your  environment and we ask for your cooperation in doing the same.

What a Louisiana Notary Public Can Do for You

All notaries public can do basic acknowledgments, witness signatures and perform vehicle transfers.  The Louisiana Notary is a Civil Law Notary who can also draft & execute various legal documents.  These include cash sales, power of attorney, donations, prepare affidavits, and more.

In the best of times and the worst of times, when you don’t need an Attorney, but you need a Notary, a Louisiana Notary can be your best friend.

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“Her sevice was excellent, she also gave me clear understanding & made sure to have the phone available for all calls regarding questions , very much professional & organized!!!” –  Briana Alexander

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